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Remember RxD?


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RxD was the server that got me into playing multiplayer games. I loved playing the Renegade demo as a kid, and when I had realized that I could play online without having to buy the game(getting money at 11 is hard), I knew I had to try it out.

RxD had pimped weapons, crates, sound files you could play (I recall "do the Mario", as well as a woman moaning(would always have to turn down volume quick when parents were around lmao)) but more than anything RxD had a tight knit community. Everybody knew everybody. It was just as much fun to socialize as it was to play the game.

Even the website was great. They had their mIRC integrated into a chat box on the home page. They always had awesome music on the homepage (I remember a Biggie Smalls "Party and Bullshit" remix, as well as the song "Hurt" by Johnny Cash) that would greet you whenever you visited  renxtreme.info.

I even remember visiting the website in 6th grade at school (website wasn't blocked!) to check up on my k/d, as well as if my rank had changed at all since I'd left for school.

I miss those days. I'm glad rencorner has lots of what RxD did, but there was just something about RxD that was amazing, and that caused me to go on this nostalgia trip. Maybe it was just the time? Maybe it was the community? Regardless, I'm so thankful for whoever put that server together, as well as those who helped keep it running via donations.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that played/supported RxD in the past. Thank you for allowing Renegade to be my first real online gaming experience.

Also, a HUGE thank you to everybody that does the same thing currently for rencorner servers. You are what has kept this wonderful game alive this long.

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Best mod was still the "Orca Mod". Well, it wasnt a mod, it stole peoples serials and did send it to a guy :pacman:

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