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This wont be fun


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Just heard today that the people who were looking at the property I work at, will be buying it.

I've been through those before...it generally means people may be kept on for awhile...then shit-canned.

So, looks like I'll be saving what money I can, while I can. My manager told me him, the accountant, and the general manager will be going to the owners other properties. Kinda puts a person in a bind when you're told not to tell your co-workers. 

How bullshit. 

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I was hoping to use my vacation time asap...but they're trying to fuck me over. I brought it up to the GM, she got pissed told me I had to go to my boss...he got pissed told me its a bad time.

When he came back  later and said I could use a vacation day for calling off sick monday I asked "what does that have to do with what I asked?" And then I said "you going to these other properties all the time has nothing to do with me, and furthermore I've always gone around YOUR(and the other guys we've worked with) vacations/days at the other places...and you've yet to give me a single holiday off".

I think it's the first time I've ever made him that mad and storm out. Lmao at this point I'm kind of not giving a fuck. 

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