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my terraria apliccation please XD port 7779


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1.- My real name is : Alexis Rafael Reyes López 

2.-My character name is  : Rafaelex2912

3.-Im 16 years old

4.-Im from mexico DF

5.- i have playing terraria like 1 or 2 years aprox

6.-i find this server because i was searching a place were i can play and find friens and be comfortable  (i like your server i find all i whant hehe ) i get bored from playing alone 

7.- i have like 1 mont and something but i think i will be there much more time 

8.- this is the hard part XD well i want be part of your server for a long time and even if you don't give me this i wil stay XD but i wan't be able to use some things that i can't and  be able to protec another places for be not grief for other people  and i what a colorful name XD and i want be able to do some farms to help other player's who start well if you let me do that hehehe well that all for now XD

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