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Skyguy92 - TempMod (accepted 9/11/16)


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1.) What is your real first name? Nathan

2.) What is your Primary minecraft in-game name? Do you have more than 1 name? If so, what are they?

Skyguy92 - Main

Xmijir - Alt

3.) Your date of birth and age is?

12 - 9/1/2004

4.) How long have you been playing on a regular basis in our server?

A long time. From like last november. I took a break in summer tho. 1-2 weeks

5.) When did you submit your application for “Trusted?”

November 27. 2015

6.) Do you understand how to use IRC and Teamspeak (basic knowledge required), If you don't have these programs, download here: http://www.teamspeak.com

Yes. I use teamspeak. IRC is meh for me ill use it in emergency but not often. If needed I will.

7.) Are you an experienced Mod or Admin? Please explain:

Yes. I've been mods on many servers which all have been shut down. Here is some staff examples/scenarios.



Scenario 1.

What: Spamming

How I Deal:

'1'st Warning: Verbal. I say stop no /warn or anything

'2' Warning: I warn

'3'rd Warning: Mute for 1-2min

'4' Warning: 5 min Mute

'5' Warning: Kick and 1 day ban to get help from higher staff to decide punishment.



Scenario 2

What: Hacking

'1st' Warn: Ask to stop. and /warns

2nd: Kick

3rd: 1 day ban and seek further help.



Scenario 3

What: Greifing.

If caught.

1st: Say hey stop (If in middle)

1st: Ban for 30 min and contact higher authority

2nd: Ban for 3 Days and contact higher authority

3rd: 1 week




8.) Using about 15-20 words, tell us about yourself.

Hi. I am a boy scout that is 1st class. I am in 7th grade but 2 grades accelerated in math. I love reading too.... 

9.) How long you have been playing minecraft?

A long time.

Console. Like TU 5-10... A long time ago like 6 years? maybe 5. idk.

PC: 1.2
10.) Have you ever been kicked, banned, or lost your Trusted status? If yes, please explain.

11.) A Rencorner staff position requires a commitment of time and contribution. What time zone do you live in and when would you be available to be online (to do your job).


I do have busy life. I am in many accelerated classes. But I also take 2 study halls. I would be able to play most weekends. Holidays. and everday but Wed,Thur, Fri (Fri in Winter)
12.) How would you contribute to making our server a place that players would want to come to and stay?

I for a fact want to finish the railroad. But I always welcome new people and offer some extra food.

13.) Do you have anyone on the current staff team of position Mod or higher who has offered to sponsor you? While not a requirement, Having a sponsor can improve the application time and results.

uhh. No besides Fuzzy. But hes half-mod.
14.) Do you know a programming language such as Linux or Java? If so, what?

Java, Html, CSS, Java(script), Lua, SQL (Is it really a programming language?) but yea a lot of stuff.
15.) Do you have experience with plugins?

Yes, I love to mess around and tinker. I also have a home test server that has a multiple databases for all the plugins needs. I can also code some.

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Thanks for submitting the application, I bring it to the mod forum for a discussion and vote.  It may take up to 10 days, be patent.

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