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Corrupt A Wish


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I play this game on other forums and its very fun and very active so I thought I would bring it here.

heh. Another game. This is a little different. One person posts a wish. The next poster then has to say, "Granted, but..." and then corrupts it. After that, he then puts his wish, and so on.


Person 1: I wish I had a hand grenade.

Person 2: Granted, but it explodes in your face.

I wish I had a pony.

Person 3: Granted, but it hates you and runs away.

I wish I could go to Universal Studios***

And so on.

I'll start:

I wish that so many people didn't cheat online.

***(Theme park and movie studio obviously for Universal Studios)

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Guest Agent001

granted, but all the other Nod characters gain stealth.

I wish that jks would stop repeating words on the 3 word story thread.

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Granted, but aliens came to our plant and took over because we got along with everything and didn't want to fight.

I wish I had a good sandwich.

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Granted, but we already had an incorruptible wish so this one can only be used for endless entries into the World Pattycake Competition.

I wish I had a ghost nappa.

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