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Damn, you are young.

And thanks my car is not all the way done with everthing I want to do to it.

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Guest Animoski

I like what you did with the front lights. It looks like a Chrysler 200 with a LED lights mod under neath it.

I hope you plan to add a bigger turbo but only after you properly modify the manifolds and everything to make sure it handles the extra pressure.

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Hell yeah I am gonna get a bigger turbo, I also am planning on getting a cold air intake.

Common guys post some of your cars.

Edit: Thanks, yeah I love my lights they are beast, definatly a eye turner when I pass.

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k ill post my work in progress I got this car 4 years ago when i was 17 it's a 1990 Corvette zr15.7L V8 L98 Tuned Port Injection Motor 375 HP @ 5800 RPM 370 FT/LBs of TQ @ 5600 RPM 0-60 in 4.9 Seconds


.... lol got the car for 3000$ only thing wrong was bad tires/ oil leak " due to a hole in the oilpan haha" but after a few thousand bucks and 4 years it's looking like this and still isnt finished :P



Got alot to do to it still but it's my baby and it's nice.

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