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So on this other day, Skilz and I decided to build a weird story for fun by taking turns creating random sentences.

Here it is: (I modified it a little to my liking, and it may not be exact. [My memory is limited])


Cheese: Once upon a time (in a land called Rencorner,) there was a kid named "Skilzy."

Skilz: He fell down a well

Cheese: And died

Skilz: The End

Cheese: No wait, not yet.

Cheese: His mama went looking for him

Skilz: But went to 7-Eleven instead

Cheese: and drank lots of slurpees

Skilz: and had a heart attack and almost died

Cheese: The 7-Eleven Clerk sent her to a torture chamber, where she was tortured ruthlessly by a mysterious man known only as...

Skilz: JustCallMeGeorge

Skilz: In the other torture room sat DrSithis

Cheese: "Skilzy's" spirit ate him messily. The End.

Ok, well anyways, I thought that we could make a community driven story-maker. So here you go! Let us call the story above "Act 1."

The Book of Rencorner - Act 2

Skilzy's spirit stood up and started prostrating, then said "HAIL RENCORNER"

(from now on the community continues this)


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Skilzy, why are you trying to touch my prostate while yelling "HAIL RENCORNER??!!!"

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Then the evil-dark-lord-Volcom comes and says:

Volcom: MUHAHAHAH. As you can see "Skilzy" is already under my control.

Skilzy: Hail VOLCOM!

Skilzy's mom: NOOOOOOO!

Volcom: He shall now be known as a "moderator," a person to keep crazy people like you in check.

Skilzy's mom: I'm not crazy!

*Volcom then rips a steel bar off of the torture cell and smashes the mom's head in

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