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That's very 'Sporting' of you.   Hopefully you grow up to be handsome like your father.   Gumby

Yikes You guy and girls are so young

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Wow MDK, does your whole life revolve around renegade?

not at all . I sett thet up around the time of the wilo-gate scandal so I could abuse him a little ...and it just became a gamer profile after . and has become a good source of info for guys who wish to come back to renegade who thought it was dead they are shocked to see ppl still play online .

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I found a pic of Billie and his friends.. hot stuff Posted Image

No,that is not hot stuff,this is  hot stuff.


Posted Image



P.S. : Billie sorry if I hurt u :( That guy with red circla around head is me =)) in another world =)) and the girl with red circle around it have only a head.WTF?

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So at every community i've been involved with there has been a post a pic of yourself topic so i thought i'd start one here since i haven't seen one :D!


Well this is me!


Me and my girlfriend :)!


Posted Image


Me and my favourite band :)!


Posted Image







So everyone else show your face and post your pics!! :D



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helo it is me ke₩ha %)))))


i have had makes pictures before!! this is one of me its a bit old but i havnt not chanaged much!!! #NOMAKEUP!


Posted Image


~~~~~ KEKSKGHA! _)

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