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Hey Everyone,

Good-One-Drive suggested a Downloads section and has volunteered to take care of it as well. I have set it up and it seems to be working well.

This will be a good place for Good-One to display his many skins and post his new maps as well. We will take suggestions of what you guys would like to see in the downloads section and hope it is put to good use.

There are various categories such as GDI and NOD skins, Maps, Renegade Tools, and Scripts. The way it is set up should be simple to use and it allows you to rate the product after you have download it.

You can find the Downloads page at the top navigation and you can see the latest downloads along the right hand side of the forums.

For those of you who are having troubles finding it here is the link: http://rencorner.net/forums/index.php/files/

Good luck Good-One-Driver and thanks for the suggestion!



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15 minutes ago, WNxH3adSh00t said:


Try scrolling to the bottom

That doesn’t have maps or anything in it. Looking for textures for arctic map.

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You won't find any of those anymore. All of them were on renegadeskins and the links are dead except for a very few.

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