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Minecraft server breaks everytime i log on.


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Yeah, so everytime I log in it seems that the server just dies. It happened yesterday around 11pm est, and now again around 11:10 est. 

So i was trying to go to the end through our end portal and as soon as i jumped in I lagged out. I'm stuck in perpetual lag and cannot play the game. This only occurs after i do the "/server skyblock" command to get into the skyblock server. This time when i logged in the same thing happened and the server exploded.

Maybe someone could force tp me out of the portal and i'll just never go to the end? i just don't want to be "that guy" who breaks the server. I'm not intentionally doing this, i just want to play skyblock :( 

When i jumped in the end portal a message popped up. it read:

This portal goes nowhere!
No specific end world has been linked to this world and
'skyworld_the_end' is not a world.

What do I do?

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You aren't breaking the server. It is just occurs for you. There hasn't been any reports from other players experiencing this issue. There might have been an issue with the portal link between you and the End, or the End could be disabled. Wait for woolwind to respond.

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Wool and I are aware of it, the simple solution in the short term is to stay out of the portal.  We will get it solved.

Root this has to do with the requirement to meet before you enter the end,  They have a team on the island.

When I see you I'll help you.

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