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Treaty Of Natural Arts


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1. The Server will add Lake Rencorner,Server Biome Boxes, Community Garden,Mega Bonsai Garden, Critter Zoo

2. The server will make  Cleanup Rates increased by 15%

3. Elliott Will Reduce the size of his builds by 50%


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Hi, Elliott! Thanks for your input. Let's talk about the terms of your treaty.

1) You're welcome to band together with other players to build these areas, though please remember that your ideal for the server may not match everyone else's. If you build all of these and you're the only person who wants them and will use them, it will take up a lot of space other players might use to build other builds.

2) I'm not certain what you mean by 'cleanup rates' or how you think it would be measured. If you mean cleaning up of griefing, several mods do that several times a day. If you mean old houses, the high ranking staff takes care of that a few times a week. If you mean torn up terrain and tunnels in the ground etc, you are more than welcome to help clean those up! If you have a concern about the performance of the mod team, you can bring that up, but our staff works hard and is currently effective. I'm not sure how you would even know if 'cleanup' had increased by the (somewhat arbitrary) 15% you mention. 

3) I agree that your builds should be scaled down. We've spoken about this many times already - you produce extremely large builds that span great distances and are for your individual use, and have taken up the building space of what I would estimate to be 15-20 average players. It's great that you have creative visions for your housing and I don't want you to feel like your creativity is being stifled, but you have to remember you play on a server with hundreds of other players. This is a public space, and it needs to be shared. Think about it  - how would you feel if you were a new player who joined the server, and couldn't find room to build a small house because all the space has been taken already by other players' huge houses? You'd feel like you had no place on the server. We want everyone to feel welcome. 

3.5) Furthermore, it seems to me that your titling of this document as a 'treaty' is saying 'if you do 1 and 2, I will do 3'. This is not how rule enforcement works. All players are obligated to follow the rules of the server and instructions by mods, without negotiation or blame-shifting. All of our rules - including our standards and practices of housing size/cleanup - exist to make the server a better place for ALL of our players. The existing rules about cleanup of your large houses (a maximum of two large houses with possible exceptions for shared builds - see #1 above) will continue to apply to you, regardless of the other terms of this post. 


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the forums. If you don't understand something I wrote, please ask. : >

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