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New donation from Learonys


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Hi Learonys,

Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation.

Thanks RenCorner Network

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[20:19:27] XD_ERROR_XD: how much do i have to donate to get !madgrunt
[20:19:34] BeerBaron: 10$
[20:19:39] XD_ERROR_XD: deal
[20:19:47] BeerBaron: !madbeer
[20:19:52] XD_ERROR_XD: so you would make a command called !madgrunt
[20:19:53] Host: (masscarriers@IRC): 1000$, to my adress please
[20:19:56] XD_ERROR_XD: for $10 right?
[20:20:43] XD_ERROR_XD: ='{
[20:20:59] XD_ERROR_XD: grunt

madgrunt was heard from IRC

[20:21:30] Host: (BeerBaron@IRC): mad grunt
[20:21:32] XD_ERROR_XD: i don't believe you
[20:21:38] XD_ERROR_XD: :P
[20:21:45] XD_ERROR_XD: :D
[20:21:59] Host: (BeerBaron@IRC): ive heard worse

I am a man of my words! ^_^

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