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I am Elliott and i will give you tips on griefers

1. find out their name by /history

2. on a scale from 1 to 10 how would rate the griefs 1 is just a little. 2 is just fine. 3 isn't very much. 4 is sorta bad. 5 is medium bad. 6 is not as bad as it could've been. 7 is 5-20 houses destroyed. 8 is moderate destruction. 9 is very bad destruction. and 10 is major destruction like half of the entire server is gone by a large team of griefers or hackers.

Here is a way to interrogate grievers into telling why they griefed

1. trap them in a protected room

2. keep slapping them for 2,000 damage until they surrender (admin only)

Reasons why grievers grief

1. they want revenge on a certain player/admin

2. builds such as pixel art cause lag for many players

3. they were born to grief  

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I agree with much of this, but a few points: 

-We handle griefers via a series of punishments including kicks/jails/freezes/tempbans - we do not punish them by killing them. 

-5-20 houses can be major destruction, depending on how badly the houses are griefed. Everything is relative and situational :)

-Griefers have lots of reasons to grief - I doubt many of them do it due to builds causing lag, but a common reason is that they are used to playing on servers where griefing is allowed and don't realize (or pay attention to the fact that) our server is different. This is why we warn and punish mildly first. :)

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