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Matilde's VIP Application


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1) What is your real name?

My real name is Russell Hernandez Ruiz.

That's two last names. I was born in Mexico. :)




 2) What are you in-game character name(s)? Please pick a main one as well!






 3) How old are you?

I am seventeen years of age. Nearing 18 now.





 4) What country and region are you from?

I live in Austin, Texas. USA

Near Lakeline metro station.




 5) How long have you been playing Terraria?

For about two years fairly casual. And then very hard core these
 past couple of weeks.





 6) How did you find our server?






 7) How long have you been playing in it?

About a week. When it's up, since sometimes it's down.





 8) Why do you want VIP?
I am very enthusiastic about this server and I want to help make it better. I would like to start spending more time here getting to know more people, ranking up, donating, and just becoming an integral member of the community.
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Accepted! Sorry about the "sometimes it's down' - we're being DDoSed quite a bit lately. 

You can now use the portal gun, build in /warp vip, use /rank up to buy ranks with money you get through fighting/pvp/using /vote daily, and more! Welcome to Rencorner!

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