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Staff Ranks and Responsibilities


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Staff Ranks and Responsibilities


Here’s a brief overview of what ranks are responsible for, for players thinking ‘who do I ask?’ and mods asking ‘what should I be doing?’. Each rank includes the responsibilities of the previous rank.



• Watch the Temps and staff to learn what’s required of a Tempmod.

• Answer questions respectfully

• Assist higher-ranking staff when asked

• Help players (with info, building, fighting, whatever helps!)

• Be active on both servers 

• Check for griefs

• Check the forums and Discord at least once a day

• Vote daily (With /vote, and on terraria-servers.com for both servers)

• Report rule breakers and griefers in the staff channel. 


TempMod: [TempMod applications go here] Some things bear repeating from Helper.

• Help players (with info, building, fighting, whatever helps!)

• Answer questions respectfully

• Record evidence (video/screenshots) of rule breaking/hacking and inform FullMods and +

• Remind players of the rules and kick/jail/mute sparingly as necessary

• Assist higher-ranking staff when asked

• Have a tough skin! (Don't lose your temper and react negatively to people swearing at you and such!).

• Be active!

• Check the forums and Discord at least once a day

• Vote daily (on servers 1 and 2 with /vote, and on terraria-servers.com for both servers)


HalfMod: All of the above, plus:

• Check for griefs and investigate player complaints, and inform Full+ if asked by players/staff

• Host events for players (PvP, CTG, bosses, fashion contests, building contests, whatever you can think of!)

• [If you also have Builder] Clean up griefing and flooding, and help rebuild as appropriate

• Tidy up the world – fill holes, even out/naturalize the ground, clean up random walls and such

• Help Temps learn the ropes

• Train TempMods

• Weigh in on and vote on TempMod applications

• Basic IRC Management (Giving out voice and +v to players using ChanServ)



FullMod: All of the above, plus:

• Give guidance to lower-ranked staff

• Issue bans if needed (with proof) and write ban reports

• Repair griefing damage (rollback)

• Bringing up the Server when it crashes

• Restarting IRC when it goes down or is lagging very far behind.



SeniorMod: All of the above, plus:

• Management of all lower-ranking staff (guidance and discipline)

• Management of TempMod applications

• Management of VIP applications/bestowal

• Validation of new forum accounts

• Training of All Ranks 

• Moderator IRC Management 


Admin: Rather than listing duties (as there are too many to list – all of the above and more), while you can always talk to an admin, here are the things you should go directly to an admin about:

• Concerns about a staff member behaving inappropriately/abusing power

• Problems with the server or your login (forgotten password, corrupted data/world, etc.)

• Problematic rule-breakers (ban evaders, serious hackers, etc.)

• Staff can also go to an admin about anything they would go to a Full+ for, particularly things the SeniorMods can’t fix.

Beyond that, don’t worry - you only need to go to an Owner/Co-Owner if you have a concern about an admin’s behavior.


Notice to all future & current staff members on the topic of "Soda's Famous Quote": 

If a higher ranked staff member is actively handling the situation, let them handle it, and if you see someone already handling a problem let them handle it. In simpler terms, if you see a high ranking staff member warn someone, don't warn them yourself as it's already been dealt with, nor (including but not limited to) keep tagging on disciplinary comments in the midst (or after) the situation has been resolved. 

This is a standard expected to be followed upon becoming a member of the RCTerraria Staff team; this does not apply to anyone but the staff team. 

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