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1.) Name: Sky

2.) Ingame Name

3.) Age and Date of Birth:

4.) How long have you been playing in the server?
5 weeks

5.) When did you apply to become a "Trusted" player?

6.) Why do you want to be a Builder? because i enjoy building structures and buildings


7.)  Do you have Screenshots of your work?  If so attach them to this application.
no i dont sorry

8.) Do you understand how to use IRC and

TeamSpeak(basic knowledge required)?      Yes

9.) Are you experienced with the role "Builder" from any previous servers?
no. because they wont u to pay

10.) Using a sentence(or 2), describe yourself. im a kind and loving person. i also pay attention to important things like the rules of this server and other servers too

11.) How long have you been playing Minecraft?
2 years

12.) Have you ever been muted, kicked, or banned from a server? If so, why?
no i have not

13.) Are there any current RenCorner Staff Members with position Full Mod or higher, that support you?

14.)Do you have experience with using WorldEdit and WorldGuard? no but if u teach me that will be cool

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You need to use the trusted application syntax, not the builder application (we no longer accept builder applications either, we utilize our creative server to get builders).

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