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I recently came into possession of an HP G72 laptop, slightly used. The problem is that I cannot use the fucking thing.

I cant break this guy's admin password.

I cant access the factory reset partition.

I cant boot from CD to format.

The F11 (Factory reset) startup option does nothing. Boot from CD does nothing. Changing the BIOS to load from CD first didnt work. The CD drive is fully functional and I can check that there are no problems with the burn from a guest account. It's Windows 7. Any suggestions?

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If he has set the PW on the Bios Setup, you cant change anything without the Password.

If you cant get a hold of him or his password, swapping the HDD would be an option. You could also plug the HDD onto your Desktop PC if you have 1 and format the HDD from there then.

If the last 1 is an Option for you, it still dont guarantee you can acess it without the former Pasword as we dont know where he has set it on.

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Try Fn + F11. If nothing, then a previous reinstall wiped out the Recovery itself. Looks like that gets broke a lot, without the admin account you can't use the fixes anyway.

He stated he can access bios. New HD is your best bet.

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Without more info, my guess would be to reset the BIOS to Default, then use a Windows 7 disk to reinstall windows (be sure to watch for the 'Press any key to boot from CD' prompt... Sometimes it happens so fast you literally need to press Space bar repeatedly as soon as the comp starts up.


Default settings on the BIOS won't make it boot from CD first, so change that again, see if that helps. If not, post again with the steps one by one that you have done, and we can go from there :)

Try this from the Guest Account:

1) Go to C:/windows/system32.
2) Copy cmd.exe and paste it on desktop.
3) Rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe.
4) Copy the new sethc.exe to system 32,when windowsasks for overwriting the file,then click yes.
5) Now Log out from your guest account and at the user select window,press shift key 5 times.
6) Instead of Sticky Key confirmation dialog,command prompt with full administrator privileges will open.
7) Now type “ NET USER ADMINISTRATOR "zzz" where “zzz" can be any password you like and press enter.
8) You will see “ The Command completed successfully" and then exit the command prompt and login into administrator with your new password.


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theres no PW on the BIOS, they save changes I make to them, they just weren't making an effect.

replaced the HD 6 hours ago before reading ur guys' post. things are working :D

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