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Hello! Looking to get on IRC? Here's a copy of my cracked mIRC client (no annoying payment reminders, hopefully!), pared down to make it easy to get on Rencorner's IRC network.

Some Q&A info to get you started:

Uh, what do I do with this file?

This is a .zip file. Your computer should already have a way to open these (and if not, I suggest WinRar or 7zip as a program to open them. Right-click the file and choose 'Extract here', then go to the location you extracted the program to and run mirc.exe.

It's whining at me that I need to pay/that I have 30 days to use this program.

mIRC is like WinRar - it nags you forever but never makes you actually do anything. This SHOULD be my cracked version, so you shouldn't get nagged - but if you do, ignore it. Wait a few seconds and click continue. Even when it 'runs out of time', it'll just make you wait a few seconds to be able to click continue - you'll always be able to use the program.

Help! My name is RCUser!

That's the default name the client uses for you. To change it, type /nick newnameyouwant. To change it in the settings, click on the little toolbox icon to the right of the lightning bolt, and go to the very top option in the menu tree on the left. You'll find the boxes to change your name there.

How do I register?

Once you're on the network (which, with this client, should connect automatically when you start the program), you should register your nickname by typing /ns register passwordyouwant emailaddress. The server will typically send you an email to that address containing a line of text starting with / - you need to copy and paste this text into IRC to finalize your registration. (You can copy and paste by highlighting the whole phrase, then on Windows typing Ctrl+C, going to mIRC, and typing Ctrl+V - or on Mac, Command-C and Command-V, I believe.) 

How do I login?

If you've registered, you log in by typing /ns identify yourpassword.

(Fun bonus - if you go to Aliases and change YOURPASSWORDHERE to your NickServ password, you can log in by pressing F1.)

(For Terraria) How do I make my messages ingame show as my rank, not (guest)?
For server 1, type /msg RCterraria login YourTerrariaAccountName YourTerrariaAccountPassword

For server 2, it's the same - but message rcterraria2 instead.

For example, if my ingame name was ShakaLaka and my password was boom, I would type /msg RCterraria login ShakaLaka boom

Uh, I don't play Terraria.. how do I get to other channels?

You can click the icon of a scroll with a # sign to get a list of all channels (chatrooms) on the Rencorner network. From there, you can double click to join.

Alternatively, if you know the name of the channel you want to join, you can join it manually by using /join #channelname. For example, to join #rc-terraria (the main chat for Terraria server 1), you would type /join #rc-terraria.

This client should automatically join #RenCorner.


For Terraria players, make sure you use your own nickname, log in to IRC with /ns identify password, and log in to the bot with /msg rcterraria login terrariausername terrariapassword



If you want to buy the mIRC instead, this 50% off coupon is still working as of June 15, 2019https://www.mirc.com/register.php?coupon=MIRC-SWV0-MNKL

Rencorner mIRC.zip

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