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I tryed joined the rencorner server, and now I am banned by Manuel for invisihugging?

I did not invisi hug at all in the games I played today, why am I banned now again?

Please show me proof of me invisi hugging because i know it's not true.

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Ok, that video proofs me wrong and you right.

If you want to ban all invisi huggers I give you an advice, keep an eye on Zyzz, the guy is invisi hugging EVERY game and never gets banned.

And for how long is my ban this time? and please don't let it be longer then it should be. (like last time I was banned for a week but it took you 1 week and 5 days to unban me.)

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This ban will be 2 weeks (unbanned on the 28th). And next one will be 1 month and so on.

We don't want to ban you for invisi hugging again. It's starting to get old that you don't respect our rule about invisi hugging. So please keep that in mind.


And trust me, we will catch any other invisi huggers and they will face the same consequences.

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