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1) What is your real name?
Robert Reynolds
2) What is your in-game name?
3) How often do you play on our servers?
4) How old are you?
5) What is your history with moderating and/or administrating Renegade servers?
6) On a scale of 1 to 10(1 being the least), how would you rate yourself on how much you know about IRC and BRenBot?
3 but I'm a fast learner so I would say 6 in a month or so.
7) How long have you been playing Renegade/Minecraft
I've played renegade for years, 1 year on are server/ mine craft for 6 months or so.
8) Have you ever been banned on a server before? If so, why?
Yes, I was mistakenly banned by biogridlock but was immediately unbanned.
9) If you caught someone cheating on the server, what would be your next step?
warn,kick or if I had 100% evidence and felt the cheat deserved it ban and notify higher mods with proof.
10) Summarize in atleast 20 words why you'd be a great addition to the RenCorner staff.
I'm on the servers often I'm on multiple servers from minecraft, teamfortress,renegade and some killing floor. I'm very helpful on minecraft to  players and have been a part of build team. Renegade I found there are times with no moderator and we could have used 1.

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That's for applying Robert, I'll move your application up for discussion and vote!  Check back here for the results.  It may take up  to 10 days,


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