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Raephiums trusted application (accepted 11/3/15)


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Name: Rae

IGN: Raephium

Age: 35

Location: USA

How long have you been Playing MC? Pretty much when Mojang first brought the game out. I took some time away from playing it for a few years, but it's been off and on every year since the game originally came out to purchase long before Microsoft took it over.


Recommended to mbe ty Sapphire6778. ^^


They suggested this to me as an alternative for creative building. I do have a plot in the creative mode under my name and myself and Sapphire and another built some fountains and other various things. I built the whole front and such of a large mansion sized house, but haven't finished it.


I've not played many of the others, but I have checked out some of the mini games at some point. I like the look of it and clearly the building is good.

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