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So I'm muted which is fine I don't really care.


But when I get that faggy auto-AFK message (wasn't even AFK) and someone keeps pming and I can't respond is kinda gay. Especially when hon is down and I'm last character left recieving a kick, its like when an American eats a hamburger near me.


So unmute me or fix that auto AFK shit.



I eat ass.

Edited by shaitan
Fixed that tag problem
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You could do it in a more polite manor you know, reading this I personally think you don't deserve to be unmuted or such. The tags, for real?

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I was the one who kicked you, I saw the auto-afk as well and forgot you were muted. I guess it's super contextual since you wouldn't buy another char (obv), you weren't killed/killed someone and wouldn't move. The auto AFK message probably appeared because you were standing at the same place for a long time facing the same direction without gaining points, maybe hiding?

Anyway, I am terribly sorry for that and I apologize to you.

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