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I wish I had never dredged any of that up to "defend myself"(as I thought I had to) because it got me thinking about other things. Things that are better left bricked away.


The shai-behind-the-mask is something I have kept away from Rencorner for a reason and didn't want to repeat the same mistakes I made before, in this community. See ya in 3 years for my next break-down. :ph34r:


:brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall: :brick-wall:

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Dear Shai,


I'm glad you opened up a bit and if you need to talk to me at anytime, just let me know. You do a great job here. Sorry about your dad, it was a touching story.


From Dear Ice.  :wub:

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You sir are an inspiration in the eyes of most igloo building, polar bear riding, moose owning, beaver owning, Canadians.

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Thank you for sharing a bit of your story. Grandparents can have such an amazing shape on our lives--as most elders can...glad you seemed to try to listen and absorb (I always figure it's to help us 'youngers" not make the same mistakes they did etc) As for people turning you into the bad guy for your opinions, or challenging who you are...it's pretty weak to pick a fight on the internet -- especially here in Renegade (this should be an escape in my humble opinion) So ignore the trolls, don't feed em...and they'll die of starvation (lack of attention)...thanks for sharing your story though...very cool!

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Very nice to see that Shai. I used to try to pull shit from you and you would go afk.....but those were stressful times and hard to get your focus. I think you have big time matured too.


I was very close to my Grandfather. He owned gas stations around St. Louis and I would hang at his main one at least once a month on the weekends. Nothing will ever replace the time and his words. My parents both worked and basically let me raise myself. I was doing my own laundry at 12, although I did have a live in maid. When I turned 16 and got my license my Mom stopped shopping for me and gave me a blank check to buy my own food and cook for myself.


Although this thread is all about "me" namely Shai, It would be cool to hear some other stories. Some of you, I could care less about but Volcom, Blacky, Joe, ice, and St Gumby to name a few would be interesting.


My life:

  • Worked to make money since I was 10 cutting lawns, shoveling snow off driveways, and fixing cars.
  • Worked 3 jobs during high school and college. (Fast food - Pizza delivery)
  • Life Guarded at a major 14 station pool for 12 years; have 21 pool, 1 river saves, and 1 suicide save from a car in a garage. I remember each one of them in detail.
  • Was a male model, doing print, runway, and TV  ads during college and made good $$. I would get $125 just for a hand shoot.
  • Was a stripper during my Life Guarding = Modeling years. My picture is still on the walls at a few Illinois clubs.  Why not, I had the body and the tan + the moves. $1,000 cash for one night's work and $500 bar tab, who would refuse?
  • Got my degree in Criminal Justice and was actually a cop for a few years.
  • Ended up in Banking where all the money and women are, still could get shot at or abducted (I'm an Sr. VP)
  • Been with over 500 women in my life to end up marrying the best of them all. Green eyed blond from Huntington Beach CA that will age very well. (Yeah I know shallow)
  • I build all my own PC's with a network of 9 towers in my house and 3 laptops (I bought them).
  • Favorite color purple, you all know I love cookies and sex.
  • Oh yeah almost forgot, now fighting stage 4 cancer.


Now some or most of you know more than you ever wanted to know.


Post yours, show us who you are.

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