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How to make a thread in anything for n00bs


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Hey guys!

I see that some people don't know how to properly type new threads, so I will guide you on becoming a level 2 Noob! (Thumbs up if you get the reference).


Here are some basic need-to-knows first.

Step 1:

Always start off a thread with something obnoxious, like "Hey guys", "This is how to ____", etc.


Step 2:

Make sure you repeaet a lot of things. Repeat them too make sure us moderators know what you're talking about! Repeat them, to inform anyone of anything to repeat to!


Step 3:

Maek sure there arnt any spelling arrors in your thread. These are annoying and ca sometimes lead teh readerz to confuzle-ation.


Step 4:

Kill a person


Step 5:

Don't kill a person.


Step 7:

Make sure to add a "There wasn't a Step 6" thing, because those are amazing, and everyone laughs at them!


Now onto typingf tings thet are very nise and furmal so we Moderators can understand anything. Repeat!


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