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When I'm not renegading, living a regular life or stalking stuff on IRC I really enjoy taking an old game out of its box and giving it a go. Lately, one such game was Diablo 1.

The eerie Tristram music, Deckard Cain, the way items/spells were so blatantly broken brought back fond memories of nights spent stunlocking monsters and duping elixirs.

So I made a new Character.
He's a tall, bold, bald level 8 sorceror. His name is McMoose (AprilWar came to mind first but since April is a girl's name I'll keep it for some rogue character)

He's not very talkative but an outstanding listener, in fact the only time he talks is when he's alone in the dungeon (One might suspect some slight autism or schizophrenia). He's socially and environmentally conscious, buying everything local and selling found scrap metal back in town. Not as much as his warrior friend though who always feels the urge to pawn some of his stuff.

                              He litters a ton of stuff also...


McMoose LOVES to glitch-duplicate magic books though, he doesn't mind as long as no one gets hurt. Inflation could become a problem in Tristram since he also duplicates huge piles of gold coins. He spends most of it to a witch in some remote, suspicious-looking wooden shack. She must be stuffing all that in the cellar, not a great idea but she's so far away from town that would-be burglars probably would forget about it by the time they get there.

McMoose isn't afraid to go deep into the dungeon; Staff firmly in hand he's fought it all, zombies, goatmen, demons… His biggest challenge so far was a bunch of barrels filled with gunpowder, why he decided to go up close remains unclear

                              Not pictured: his high intel stat

Despite all this, one of his strongest point is his ability to keep calm even in the face of danger, you'll never see him run away from a fiend. Well... In fact, you'll never see him run, period. Do you realise how much yoga it takes to just walk away from a horde of bloodlust skellies?

Nearing the entrance to the catacombs, I wish him good luck and a safe travel down the stairs.

Farewell, brave hero!

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