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(real name)Benji Patterson

(in-game name)  roXas

(Age) 15

Im from the US. Ive been playing terraria for about a year now. I found your server looking for a server to test my 1.3 items. Ive only been playing in it for about a few hours so far. I want vip to access certain things that i dont just wanna use in my world. Id also love to help out people like a vip is helping me right now :D.

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Adding you now, welcome to RC. :)


Go to our #2 server and make an account there as well. This way when one is down, you can easily go into the other and still have vip.


server 1: ter.rencorner.com port 7777

server 2: ter.rencorner.com port 7779

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