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Hey everybody!  Just joined from Killing Floor.  Having a lot of fun on the servers! Haven't really met that many people yet, but the ones I have met are really awesome! (Shout out to Beni!)


Anyways just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Ilan but just call me Noms or something like that.  I am kind of new to the whole computer gaming scene, i used to play PS3 exclusively but, through a series of events, lost said PS3 and the like 700 dollars of games downloaded.  Decided to give the PC a try, and im pretty glad I did!


Anyways, give me a hollar if anyone wants to play!  I mostly stick to Killing Floor, but i've always been interested in CS:GO!



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Welcome to Rencorner, glad you stopped by!  If you play Minecraft, stop by, we have a friendly community.


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