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"Viral Trojan" Rencorner VIP


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 VIP "Request"


1) Tony


 2) Viral Trojan , TrojanTheVirus 


 3) 16


 4) Northwest america near Virginia


 5) about 330 hours on my steam account.


 6) I used to play on your Minecraft server before i took a giant break..


 7) Off and on roughly 1 hour a day, most likely i will play on the tf2 server sometimes too!


 8) I love getting rid of hackers and helping communities grow.


-Day or 2 ago-

I even helped Guardian at one point when i tricked a guy into messaging me some information on clients.

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Adding you now, welcome to RC. Be sure to read the pinned topics in the Terraria section about voting(you'll need the server platinum from it for ranking up). Pick one name too.

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This is the reason my IRC is being spammed with beeps.

So if he's the virus, that means you are the prophylactic, right? I'd always wondered...

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