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How to stop the spectating mode?


Press Tab

Type in : stopspectating and press Enter


This will stop the spectating mode.


How to see when it's dark?


Press Tab

Type in: gamma 4


This will make it brighter for you to see at night unless you are hardcore and want to leave it where it is.


How to make it less bright in game?


Press Tab

Type in: gamma 2


This will reverse the brightness effect and restore the game to it's default.


How to see my fps rate in game?


Press Tab

Type in: stat fps


This will show your fps and ms rate in game. Green is good, Yellow is okay, Red is LAG.


Can I kill Alpha dinosaus?


Yes you can, just make sure your dinosaur has a high melee damage, stamina and health and you should be fine. 


Which dinosaur is the best for attacking Alpha Raptors?


I'd recommend using a T-Rex. It's a powerful dinosaur and if your melee damage is high enough it can take on most of the levels of Alphas.

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