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How to connect to the servers.


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Download ARK: Survival Evolved.


Before joining the game on your Steam go to:

View>Servers>ADD A SERVER.     


Screen Capture #628.png


Type in:

New server IP, use instead of the 144. (same ports).  07/13/2020 -shai -or- 27056 for Crystal Isles -or- 27031 for Island  -Offline- -or- 27041 for Ragnarok -or- 27051 for Valguero  -Offline- -or- 27061 for Genesis -or- 27062 for Genesis 2 -or- 27016 for Aberration -or- 27022 for Extinction -or- 27018 for Scorched Earth -Offline-



Screen Capture #630.png



Screen Capture #631.png


You can either FIND GAMES AT THIS ADDRESS and click on the list like above or ADD THIS ADDRESS TO FAVOURITES .

Once you have selected the server the press ADD SELECTED GAME SERVER TO FAVOURITES.

This will then enable it in your favourites so that you don't need to go looking for it via the server list.

Click on Join ARK.



Look on the left bottom side of the box which says, SERVER FILTER. Click on the drop box for FAVOURITES.

The server should say for example 'RenCorner Ark PVE  Aberration --/30 players.'

Click on that server and join.

There will be different locations to join. But before you do that customize your character and name him/her.

You can also get into the games via Battlemetrics, our server list here.

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