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For anyone who keeps asking ranking order and how to get it from highest to lowest. And also the builder ranks, which I have no clue where they go.

Owner - Good luck with that.

Co Owner - Good luck with that also.

Head Admin - Good luck with this too. 

Admin - Extremely hard work as senior - Need to be SeniorMod (Off the patience meter).

SeniorMod - Very hard work as mod (and a lot of patience) - Need to be FullMod.

FullMod - Works hard, helps out and is active (also a lot of patience) - Need to be HalfMod.

HalfMod - Helps out people but mainly giving highers a hand, and TempMod's how to do things (Requires some patience).

TempMod - Apply in the terraria mods sections (If not been on for at least 4 weeks DO NOT BOTHER) http://rencorner.com/index.php/topic/5097-read-this-before-applying-to-be-a-terraria-moderator//

Helper - For people who are not quite ready for TempMod, or we feel are too young, and should stick around a bit longer.


VIP Plus - VIP with more permissions and has access to summoning events. Must be an active VIP for one month to be eligible. 

VIP - Apply via VIP section of forums - Can be on for any time. http://rencorner.com/index.php/topic/4887-read-this-before-apply-for-vip-in-terraria/


You can also check ranks by typing /ranklist ingame, or viewing this: http://rencorner.com/index.php/topic/7149-vip-rankings/

Default - If you have been demoted or haven't bothered applying for VIP or TempMod.


Other Ranks:


Head Builder - Be highly trusted, be a great builder, and there will only... probably be 1! - Has world edit.

Builder - Usually given to HalfMods and above, and maybe great builders.




More detail on TempMods and above, read this: http://rencorner.com/index.php/topic/6837-staff-ranks-and-responsibilities/


NOTE: Do not apply for Builder, HeadBuilder, HalfMod, Raid Leader or above, you will be given those ranks when we think you're ready!
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