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EvoKez - Trusted+ (accepted 7/16/15)


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Your real name


Your in game name, also include any other names you use.

 -EvoKez & Blim

Your age is?


Where you are from?


How long you have been playing Minecraft?

 -I say about 4-5 years now

Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who?


How did you find Rencorner

 -Killing Floor server

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While you're at it, add Blim too(I don't think she does forums) Those two are peas in a pod and have been in our kf server over a year now.

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There is a reason behind these application, Shai.  I could add her, but would really prefer the app get filled out.  It is a means of keeping track and getting people to get on the forums.  I've talked with her (didn't know it was a her), about applying, told her the advantages of being trusted, so, I am going to wait a few days.


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