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Renegade hates Nvidia


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So on my new laptop, I installed Renegade and every other shit and launched it, with my Nvidia card and it ran in windowed mode and that too in 800x600. I launched it as admin and same result. I then ran it with Intel's gpu and it ran fine. Every other game runs fine. All my drivers are up-to-date. My gpu is GTX 850M and i am running Windows 8.1.


Can anyone help me with this?

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right click on the wwconfig.exe and select run with graphic processor-> High performance Nvidia processor, there change the resolution .


Then right click on Desktop and enter Nvidia control panel--> manage 3d settings


under Program settings tab click Add --> add renegade.exe  game.exe and game2.exe and select Nvidia processor for them .


Most laptops do that switching between graphics card thing to help improve battery life . You might need to do this for every game you install unless Nvidia gets selected automatically for it .

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