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Minecraft Community Update.


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There will be a few polls updated in the minecraft forum as to allow for community involvement.

The issues:

Minecraft server:

- Cracked or Premium

- premium accounts are $27

- cracked players (stereotype) don't care if they are banned after griefing.

- many people already playing are using cracked versions.

- adding a white-list to only allow those user names on our server. there will also be a whitelist thread in the forum for applying to the server.

- More staff needed

- more staff means we can keep the bad minecraft players out and keep a dedicated community that will grow faster

- staff needs to know almost everything about playing minecraft as to stop people from using glitches, bugs, and Hacks/mods to cheat

- once we have an established staff hierarchy the server will become stable for future members to enjoy.

- coreprotect will be replaced with logblock or hawkeye

- coreprotect uses alot of resources

- the new plugin will use mysql database.


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