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My real name is Hayden Wong.


My ingame name is Guardian.


I'm 14 and a half.


I am from the UK, England.


I've been playing terraria since it was around the time it was released.


I found the server by searching up terraria server list, and found this.


I have been playing for about a month.


I want to become a VIP because I play a lot, I am kind and helpful, I see a lot of people calling for help because of griefers which I would like to put a stop to them, and because quite a few people such as Azeir ( A Temp Mod ) said I would be great at it.


Please take into consideration, just because I am young doesn't mean I am irresponsible.

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If your interested in helping against griefers and such might I suggest you apply for tempmod we would love a new edition to our staff :)

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