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It has been a long time since I have tried to kick off a topic that I felt anyone could join in on and or find humor in but this will be such an attempt and such starts with a question.


Do you know a big guy? Are you related to a big guy?


I find in life someone is always the big guy, either tall, muscular or just heavy set, everyone knows somebody that is the big guy and with this, I throw out a some humor stylized after Jeff Foxworthys 'You Might Be A Redneck'.


1. When you show up at Thanksgiving, your family members give you a brief stare and suddenly start making double quantity's! You might be the big guy.


2. If you ever are at work, in a mall, home or in-between and try and board an elevator and everyone looks at you like nuh-ah! You might be the big guy.


3. If you ask a co-worker for a ride home and he or she tries to check the suspension under thier car before you get in. You might be the big guy.


4. If the family car ride lands you in a ditch during some snow, everyone gets out and instead of calling a tow truck look at you! You might be the big guy.


5. If when you take off your shorts at night and get ready for bed and taking them off feels like you are stepping out of a big, empty warehouse! You might be the big guy.


6. If you get caught up in a robbery and decide to be brave and charge at the robber and he drops his gun and gives up because you crashing into him might mean instant death! You might be the big guy!


7. If any time anyone you know moves and you are one of the first people they call to help. You might be the big guy.


8. If you have ever been at Christmas Dinner and wanna sit down to watch the Elderly with WMDs Tactical Chess Showdown and all of the youngsters suddenly flee the couch, you might be GODZILLA! GODZILLA!


9. If ever you have an argument in the Renegade Section and Volcom and Shaitan ask YOU first why Display is stuck half-way into a wall on fire, you might be the big guy and a freaking human catapult!


10. If you ever go to a bar with friends and they are all under the table and you still only feel buzzed! Muh-Muh-Muh-Muh-Monster Kill! AND! You just might be the big guy!




Do you know a big guy?


Chime in, Add on, Or just laugh.



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