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Free beta keys for triad wars!


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So I recently got some beta keys for a awesome closed beta game(https://triadwars.com/)




First come first served!

1. Register for a Square Enix account
2. Download & install the Launcher
3. Start the Triad Wars Launcher
5. Sign in with your SEM account
4. Redeem your beta key
5. Proceed to download and play the game

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The game isn't terrible...

this looks like Sleeping Dogs , i used to love that game , i liked how it didnt have so much gun shooting and more hand to hand fighting .


Thanks for the code :)

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The game isn't terrible...

''This game is “online” but u cant play with others on the map. the map is v tiny beside Sleeping dogs, still it’s on a place from the same map, same vehicles, guns. U can only attack other players turf and even then u play vs AI.''


This is game is like Titan of Clash. You cant play with your friend you are all time allone

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