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How do I crumble?


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Hello there Rencornerites. I am Cookie. For real my nickname in real life is Cookie! 


I live in South Dakota, and make a living by trying to be freaky fast at Jimmy John's. If you haven't heard of it, it's alright being that it's mostly from around the midwestern region of the US.


I am a guy that likes to play Killing Floor, lots of it, being that I love to shoot at things. I mean, who doesn't? Maybe those who've never shot at something before.. (not saying I shoot people. That'd be bad!)


As for anything else, I just work and stuff, play games, and read Warhammer 40K books (because they're dank).

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Well I must note that I was in All-state chorus in high school as a second tenor. I did go to a college to learn piano and singing lessons, but I stopped going after awhile.. I have thought of going back though and learning some more, maybe getting a career going (if I get the confidence to get on a stage by myself)

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