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For My Friends, Where Has RnD Been?


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Hello everyone, I title this topic for my friends but I acknowledge because I posting this publicly, I am sure more then just they, will read it, that said, I wish to outline a few things about this topic so it is better received and understood.


One - This topic, as I said is to give a big update to those I know around here either that I have gamed with, talked with, typed with, ETC, I have decided, somewhat against my better judgement to do so in the form of a public topic in which will contain some personal information about myself, what has happened in my life, what is happening in my life and my thoughts and feelings, I am aware this could be done in the form of many PM's, I simply cannot be asked to bother with what would be vastly more time consuming and secondly, I have been a part of RenCorner for years, I love this place and the people in it, as such I frankly don't feel awkward talking to people around here as if I am speaking to to a friend.


Two - This topic will contain some things most would assume to be drama, a cry for attention or to be seeking pity, I will say now, I am not, I simply wish for those I know around here to know such things so they can better understand the frame of mind I am in, at this point in my life, I believe I am past needing bandages or words for a higher morale, age brings about a toughness in us, through time and experiences, I believe I have reached such a point.


Three - I do not want anyone who reads this to see this as me either speaking or trying to speak as some kind of hero or position of authority, I was at one time a senior moderator for Minecraft here, so what, in my eyes that makes me no greater or no worse then anyone else here, I am speaking as one member, one voice.


The above said, I shall begin the actual substance of the topic.


Hello to those of you I know in RenCorner and for the hell of it, those I do not know that well or perhaps not at all, I am RnD, I have been around RenCorner on and off for a number of years now, I saw the good and the bad, the good times, the drama and the present and as I will go into greater detail with, the future.


As many of you who know me better, I have been away off and on as life has given or taken time to or from my daily life to be around here, I will say now that regardless of what I am or am not in RenCorner, I plan to be around here for a long time to come, I want to be around here for a long time to come, I have seen '12, '13, '14 and the start of 2015, I aim to see '16, '17, '18 and onward along side RenCorner.


As for what has kept me away, I have dealt with good and bad times of late, on and off employment, the death of my cousin at the age of thirty one to a car accident, complications in my nearly four year relationship with a woman I love, and the of one of my childhood friends, one of our two cats, Mitten, such events and others have come to harden me, and have often brought me to keep to myself probably when most would have sought comfort among friends and family, I made my choice to confront most of these events alone, so be it.


But I type this topic to say I am still here, RenCorner is still on my mind and for all that has changed over the years as I have gotten older, some things remain, I still love Corndogs, I still love this world despite the violence that exists in it, I still love being alive because I have faith in the idea anyone can make tomorrow better then today was, and I still love gaming, and with gaming, no place has ever felt like a home like here.


I still have things on my plate, keeping myself employed from one assignment to the next, taking care of my family and my own projects I do on the computer but in the future I wanna make a real come back to Killing Floor to fight along a man I see as a great friend and have tremendous respect for, SovietWolf, to come back to Minecraft and be along side friends there, Joetorp, Zendofu, Woolwind, GeoExtreme, Occassius, and many more.


If I leave anything for those reading this topic to think of after reading this, I wanna hold onto the people and things that matter to me most, I wanna move forward after a trying time in my life, for those who do not know me that well, and will likely look at this like holy crap, dude, it's Twilight.




I apologize for such an unusual topic, for the rest of you, I will be seeing you around.



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Welcome back Matt.


I'm glad to see you have return. I am also very sorry for your losses and can tell you they only get better with time. Rencorner will be here for you to keep your mind off things. I hope you stay for the long run this time :P.


We  could definitely use you in Minecraft.

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