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hi I'm theil and I'm a Rencornerholic


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Hello all I just realized I've never posted an introduction on here or at least I don't think I have well here goes.

My name is theilsomers you can call me theil or you can call me Somers if you need help with pronunciation let me know glad to help. Won't give out my real name unless I know you some what (how well do you really know someone on forums or ts unless your related or live near them.)

I've been with Rencorner for a while now and have tried to help out where I can or at least if shai let's me.

If you haven't heard me on team speak or see me in game on kf or Minecraft (not so much on Minecraft) I am a jokester (not a very good one though) I like to joke around and have a good time and lots of laughs, I mean that's the point right. So if any of my jokes go to far tell me I'll shut up. And I'm long winded on my posts too so sorry if it is tl:dr.

As I put in my application a while back I'm new to being a moderator but even to this day I'm still learning things and still will after today. I do what I can to be fair to every one. But remember I'm only human.

Right now you will find me more on rencorners RPG server but I do go to the other modded servers too need to get on the normal ones more.

Guess I'll leave it at that for now if you wish to know more feel free to ask if you need help or have any questions please don't be afraid to ask me if I can help you I will get some one who can I love helping the community.

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I'm sorry sir please don't whip me

And I may have just introduced myself but I've always been lurking in the shadows of the forums waiting for the right time to jump out and do my thing.

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