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ello govn'a trolololol


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Hi my name is theilsomers and I'm new to rencorner just joined yesterday was surfing the killing floor servers and found the big server.I do have to say Rencorner is by far the best servers I have ever seen. So I thought I would come onto the forums to say hi I also saw that we can get free 5 levels for any perk how do we do that?

I'm still learning how to play killing floor I've played plenty of co-op games such as battlesteal and codfish of duty so hopefully someone who has played this a lot can help me out.

Hope fully one day I can become a mod so that I can start my first step to ruling the world. ( got to start somewhere right)

I know when I played yesterday there was this guy named OSTKshai he was kinda mean sitting there in god mode the entire match and being nosey about how close some people were to level up and then he would just let us all die. So I don't know what all that was about.

And then I tried the team speak server it was cool until I got called a flommy what ever that is.

And there was also this guy named revdarkangel he just kept telling me to deal with it when ever I had a problem or question.

For those of you that have read this far a warning for you. Don't feed the troll. All of that was a joke (besides the flommy part lol.)

For those of you that are new I just want to extend my warm welcome to rencorner and and kf questions you have don't be scared to ask our community is always willing to help if you can't find someone in game we are glad to help on the forums.

And our team speak is a great and fun place to be, want to meet some people that share common interest and don't like dating sites our team speak is for you it may seem hard to get to know us but its easier then you think. Just remember we aren't a dating site. Oh and any time you see shai on kf do a blame vote he lika DA poop.

Oh and sorry shai couldn't resist. Will take down if need too :)

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