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Post your most kills!


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Post your screenshot of the most kills you ever had in a Marathon / Sniper or AOW server.

Im curious if someone broke my personal record :o

This is my best1 :

Posted Image

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Got horrible quality SS of a 209/60 on field.

Also got 86/0 but not sure coz old bot but didn't receive KD medal because I didnt die :/ (KD was 0)!!

Not so hard with 5 guys only in a game.

Over 31 games im sure there were more than 5 lol

Berry has gotten 213 on field. While on RenCorner o.o I was there

But for me, I am a horrible sniper against other snipers.

Most ive seen is WRS with more than 700

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Berry was caught with rgh bubbles so that may be why lol

Wasnt RGH, was Triggerbot, back the Days when he used the Nick Elradon (:

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