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1. Norbert Mruszczak

2. MrNorbertPL

3. 10

4. Norway

5. One years (tabblet, Xbox, PC)

6. From friend.

7. One month.

8. More commends and more possibilities in game.

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May you write exampler what he doing wrong? He started learing english, but I think he don't understud english enough for writing with other players. And he don't understud what is irritation for others players.


Papa for Norbert

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Tue Jan 27

[19:07:06] <shaitan> !rollback "Mr Norbert PL" 5d
[19:07:06] <RCterraria> Rolled back 3291 actions


Wed Jan 28

[11:14:52] <RCterraria> (Admin) <OSTKshai> executed /rollback "Mr Norbert PL" 15d


If he goes 2 more days, without griefing our server, I'll give him VIP.

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