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Swaggerunit trusted application (denied, reapply after 3/2)


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my really name= Jaiden

minecraft name= swaggerunit



playing minecraft for=2 years

I found recorner online



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Atm swaggerunit, you are denied trusted status, logblock showed you "stole" a brewing stand and enchantment table from Awesomeblaze, not only did you grief, but you griefed a staff member.  Not too smart!  Reapply in 30 days, if you have been a trustworthy player, I will award you trusted status.  We don't like it when new players come in and grief our players or server properties.


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but his name has swag in it

LMAO!, Volcom... I had a talk with him today about his actions, and I think due to his non-responsive attitude when I tried talking to him, he needs to wait 2 weeks from today to get TRUSTED status as long as he follows OUR rules... After the 2 weeks with ZERO probs, he may get TRUSTED Status, IMO

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