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First results of Dota 2 Team matches!


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As you probably heard about , I made a team for Rencorner ( in December-January) then met G1D and he joined in.We are trying to be the best ,,newbie'' team now , but in the future I want to sign our team to participate in tournaments. Right now we completed the test to  be able to play with better teams , and here are the results of our 3 test matches ( btw we coulda win our first if G1D didn't feed , noob ! )

I or G1D will probably do a team presentation after , but I told to some members to register to our site( Right now I think only 2 Dads registered.) Also our Team score is 1330 , which is not great , but not bad either , I aim for 3000 + , but I don't know if my team can reach that goal...

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Dota is so visually demanding. I really want to get in the game, but I'll stick to LoL for now :P


But that's really fricken cool we have a Dota 2 team :) Nice job!!

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