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Our youngest member just turned 69!


We all know what that means ;)



Happy Birthday Joe! Sorry it's late!


Just want to let you know that I and everyone else appreciate all you do for Rencorner. I hope you had an awesome birthday and I hope there are 69 more to follow!


Everyone bring in the love!


:beerhere:  :beerhere:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :bdemo:  :happy-birthday:  :happy-birthday:  :happy-birthday:  :happy_birthday006:  :party001:  :birthday_cake025:  :birthday_cake025:  :smiley_balloon001:  :smiley_balloon001:  :party022:  :party022:



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Oh boy oh boy! Grandpa Joe turned 69 today!


We shall throw a simple birthday party in Minecraft, for Joetorp.


In other words Grandpa Joe, would you take me to the Chocolate Factory now that you are old enough to succeed Willy Wonka? ;p


But yes, happy birthday Joe. Make it a great one!

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Happy birthday! Hope you had a good one! :D

:bdemo:  :happy-birthday:  :birthday_cake008:  :party005:  :party022:  :happy-birthday-fireworks:  :birthday-song:

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Joe old buddy


Joyeux anniversaire


Soixante neuf



Sixty nine just sounds so much better in French don't you think?







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Thanks again, everyone, at my age, the only drinking I did was of Geritol, and the only pills I popped was to sustain life!


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