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My life came to an end ...


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I spent 20 fukin hours on Shadow of mordor slaying uruks  , unlocking abilities , getting ruins for ma swords and bow ... but ... ALL IS GONE :(


I went ingame to find out that the save is no more there .. the game freakin asked me to adjust brightness again D:

I google and find out that " warner bros are looking into the matter "


WTF do they think its a FUKIN GAME ?!!  I had 2 ruins that made me recover HP at 30 hit streaks , ability to take a hit and still carry on the streak , make orcs and uruks run in fear when i make heads explode ... perfect fighting style character i made by playing SIDE MISSIONS , yes SIDE MISSIONS FFS  , and everytime bloody orcs droped lame stuff i played more and more ....  not to mention all the captains and war-chiefs i mind controlled to build the perfect army . now my character , my army ... just VANISHED D:


all that time i kept myself from memory hacking the game , give myself 100000000 HP , EXP and money , i was so wrong :(


I'm in deep pain now , idk what to do , my heart is darker than Sauron's ... all is lost :(  if anyone can help me get  through this it would be very much appreciated

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Currently have almost the same as you. Problematic resolution: don't close the game. Lol

ima mem hack it , unlock all the shit i had , get to where i last was , its the only way i could sleep tonight .

I think it happens since it saves at every kill .... if anything happens during that (especially an rq on death) = file corrupted ... so stupid

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Ok I'm giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to fix this sad situation.

1. Don't play Minecraft

2. Click the "Start" button on the taskbar.

3. Click Shut - down

4. Wait for it to close the porn window or hit force shutdown

5. Wait more cause the processor is tired from processing all that porn.

6. Get some clothes on you.

7. Open the door.

8. Move out.

9. Look for a fucking life.

Did this help you? :v

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Come out of your bomb shelter once and a while and play real life :)

Fuck this ... i did that and broke my hand , went through surgery , now i have 9 screws in my hand that beep every fukin time i go through a security gate


Also i had work at military today (software dev) , the officer wasnt gonna let me through since every time he passed that beeping dildo on my hand it beeped , thought i was gonna blow the place up lol

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