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Hello im lia_3000, and im applying for trusted (accepted)


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Hello! Im lia_3000 and i would like to apply for trusted. im looking forward to being ranked "trusted" because i would like to do nice things for the server. Like making it better, helping others, and i will STOP swearing. if there's anything you would like me to help with then i will do it. But mostly i want to be ranked trusted is because i want to be like everyone else, friends with them. having a rank, and being more social to rencorner. If you do not accept this its okay. but if you do accept this it would make me really happy. i've been playing MC for 1 year now and this would be very special to me, Thanks for reading this ~L I A _ 3 0 0 0 

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Hello! here are my reasons to be ranked trusted.

-My real name is April

-my (ingame) name is Lia_3000

-Im 10 years old 

- Im from the USA (brownsville, TX)

- I've been playing MC for 1/2 years now.

- I found rencorner from a minecraft server search on Mineshafter.

I hope i get accepted! - Lia_3000 (april) <3

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