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To any and all people who wish to help make videos:


I am asking anybody who is able to record game play of any type, Minecraft, Renegade, Killing Floor, Ren-X, CS:GO, any game that RenCorner hosts, I wish for you guys to step forward. The Social Media team has been tasked with advertising our servers. However, we are unable to advertise without footage. If anyone has any footage of their in-game playing, or just footage of you hanging out with people in a server, or even your very own video, I have made a place to upload your footage and videos.


Here is how to upload your video's/clip's/footage


Step One: Go onto our teamspeak 3 server


Step Two: Open the "File Browser" in the channel "Lobby"



Step Three: Open the Folder, "Video Clip Drop-In"



Step Four: Upload the file to the respective folder, so it may be edited.


The footage will be edited by the Social Media team and uploaded to our Youtube channel.


We need people who can record to record some of their in-game experiences in our servers, The best footage comes from our dedicated players, who just look to have a fun time in our servers.


Thank you guys


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