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My introduction.

Guest Animoski

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Guest Animoski

Hey guys,

My name's Greg and i'm the founder of RenCorner..

I'm only 19 so you can imagine it's not the easiest thing in the world to run a gaming community, but I manage pretty well.

I live in Queens, New York - the city that never sleeps but I find myself to enjoy sleep more than anything else in the world.

I'm heavily respected by many because i'm one of those guys who don't tolerate lying and scheming, and i'm upfront about everything.

I believe in a community where people don't have to be scared of the people who run it, and one which has values everyone can respect.

That includes a community that is transparent on how it's ran, operated, and maintained.

I believe in privacy and respect, and that will always be a core value of mine.

Overall, I hope to meet everyone who decides to be part of RenCorner and get to know you.

Most importantly, enjoy your time as we continue to slowly inject our own little bit of carnage in the gaming scene.

- Greg "Animoski" B.

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We'd like to say, Animoski is our leader. We will follow him, and one day hopefully be his successful bitches.

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